Total Solar Eclipse and Archery

One would think that a solar eclipse could not effect an archery tournament.  This was not even something that was considered months ago.  Every year when the yearly calendar is set for tournaments, there is always the consideration of driving to the tournament.  Driving can often save money, however, it adds additional days to arrive and return to the tournament.

This year, typically, this is a tournament that does not always make the calendar.  This year the tournament falls on the weekend prior to the start of the senior year of high school.  Thankfully, the archer’s school is an amazing charter school that fully supports these pursuits.  The prior two years, he has had teachers attend for him to acquire the classes on registration day for him to be able to compete elsewhere.  However, archer’s sights are on So Cal colleges, it was decided to drive to be able to see schools and compete at the tournament.

The original plan was to leave on Tuesday the 22nd. Then, the total eclipse in central Oregon and the potential of 300,000 extra people attending the various festivals and backing up our roads for hours is happening.  We are now leaving on the 19th to ensure an easy exit out of the area (hopefully).   Our home is located in the towns with a good view of traffic in the distance.

Last night, it was a solid slow stream of lights pouring into our highway…One to two lanes and hours of a stand still.  There is the great potential of all different types of disasters.  The National guard is stationed along the roads.  This archery parent is not happy about having to leave the mess to attend an archery tournament.  There have been many tournaments that have coincided with events that are not attend-able.  However, none have had the impact or potential impact to our home, like the eclipse.

This archery parent will have a licensed driver to help on the 972-mile one-way journey.  However, there is the added stress of the archer driving in California and some of the traffic that has not been encountered.  All in all, the car is packed and this parent is not thrilled to be leaving.  But leaving we will do.  College is important.  Archery tournaments are also important to help pursue the college dreams.  Safe travels to everyone that is coming to the USAT SoCal Showdown.


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