Six Arrow Archery Challenge – The “Other” Archery Parent

There is not much detail on the “other” archery parent (Dad).  This parent is 90% of the time left behind to deal with life at home.  Life at home is complicated and difficult for a handful of reasons.  When travel first started entering life, there were 6 horses, 5 dogs, four cats, and a parrot.  The “other” parent has the role of dealing with life at home. This is left the “other” parent with an interesting perspective on shooting archery.

A few years ago, this other parent started discussing how easy it would be for the arrow to hit the yellow…even better the X.  When this first started, it was stated that it would take 100 arrows to hit the center.  Yes, the “other” archery parent is military trained.  Yes, he was ranked #1 in his division for firing a weapon.  Yes, the other parent is an amazing shot.  He trained for it!

As the years have ticked away, the arrow count has dimensioned as well.  Prior to the current statement, it was down to 10 arrows.  Tonight, we reached a new record.  It would only take 6 arrows to dial in and be ready.  Tonight, the other archery parent actually stood in a rather good “air” form position with his finger on a trigger, firing.  It is easy to fire a pretend bow.

6 ARROWS.  Well, this archery parent called him out.  This archery parent could easily arrange an after hour shop, to allow a camera to come in, and video this 6 arrow to center proclamation.  Is it possible?  Well, really many things are possible.  Is it probable?  Not sure the bet would be on the “other” parent.  Sorry, sweetie!

Just need to find someone with a bow for him to borrow…images-2


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