Teaching “Honor” to the Archer

Honor is a word that makes most stand up taller.  Honor has a few definitions, in this blog honor is a verb.  The word is defined as keeping or fulfilling an agreement or obligation.  It is not often, that this archery parent has to insert “authority” into situations.  Typically, in conversations (relentlessly by archery to achieve the desired outcome) we can come to a middle ground or understanding on what is expect or “required” to fulfill.

As an archery parent, there are always situations that with the wisdom of age can assist the archer.  There are some situations that require immediate parent reaction and some that need to be left alone and allow mistakes to teach.  Mistakes are often the best and most efficient way to learn and grow.  It was a few months ago that the archer was trying to “renegotiate” some set lines in the sand.  Typical, saying no, is not the best way to handle all situations.  In training a child in the way he should go, it takes clarification and reasoning.  Life needs instruction manuals and sound reasoning, especially with the teenage brain.

This particular situation the archer was trying to get out of a commitment.  There was something better that was wanting to be done in the eyes of the archer.  Yes, the first answer was no…then it went back and forth.  It came down to, we made a deal and you agreed.  The response was “So, it does not matter.”

This archery parent response was, ” You’re wrong, honoring a deal means everything.”  Thankfully, he got it.  The reply was, “You’re right.”  This was a good night.  Not often does the teenage back down, accompanied by “you’re right” statement was mind-boggling. The deal was honored.  And honor was taught.  It is still believed that a handshake is as good as a signature in our home.  Your words are powerful, your actions identify your spirit.



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