Humility Taught 7,644 Miles Away to the “Other” Archery Parent

It is not often the “other” archery parent is mentioned, due to the non-flying status.  Unfortunately, the other parent dislikes traveling even more.  This is a story of humility taught by an archery tournament 7,644 miles away from the venue.  Humility taught in the privacy of the home.  Here is the story:

A few nights ago, the archer was competing in the top 16 towards the top eight elimination round.  This round, the archer was up against a great archer from a  foreign country, which, let’s face it, it is easier to cheer against another country.  That evening as the scores were being observed by this archery parent, the “other” was up pacing around the bedroom.  This is another reason this parent stays home, the pacing is not helpful to any archer.  As every end completed and scores were updated, despite the request to not share, it was shared.  Finishing the 4th end,  the archer was up by one.

Now, in eliminations, there is often not a good enough point spread to ensure winning.  Every archer shoots all the arrows the same as the first, in the attempt to keep the score high or even.  With a quick reload of the computer, the page showed that the archer had won 144-147.  Now, in shock, because it was such a huge triumph, it was said that the archer won.  This parent sat in shock and joy and the other disappeared into the bathroom.  Now, because the page looked slightly off in color, the reload button was pressed.  THE SCORES DISAPPEARED from the page.  It was back to showing only the prior 4th end scores.  It took only a couple minutes, but hours in a time warp for the updated page to show…the archer LOST 147-146.

Now, it was disappointing, but knowing that nothing is for sure until it is official, the emotions moved slowly to a bummed feeling.  For the “other” parent, well not so easy to shift.  About ten minutes later a statement was made, “It was my fault he lost.” Apparently, there was some major celebrating in the bathroom.  Feeling like the celebration was quite prideful, thinking that that weird computer glitch on scores was possibly about a lesson in humility.    Was it only on this computer that the weird glitch was seen?  Is it possible, it was another lesson on being humble?

For this archer family, it was another valuable lesson in humility.

Micah 6:8 “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.”

Lesson learned.


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