The Archery Purge – The Youth are Watching

For the past several years there has always been archery talk about bow companies and the staff.  Favorite archers are followed on social media.  The youth get star struck at events.  This archery parent can clearly recall the archers first trip to Vegas and the encounter with his favorite.  There are several more years of contract changes and the effect it had on the archer.  These top archers can clearly define the bows and equipment purchased.  The youth are especially driven by who has what on the field.

The first “favorite” encounter was in Vegas.  Now, Vegas is unique in the fact that it is easy to stand next to a professional archer.  Archery is a unique sport in that there are hands-on and personal encounters with the top archers.  Now, the archer is unique and smart.  He spent much of his time on the practice range.  First, stopping wasn’t until it felt perfect and the score reflected the feel.  At the beginning it was hours…Second, the archer would also wait to see where his favorites were shooting and slowly work his target to the same target.  This allowed him to shoot next to them and feel the energy.

At the time, the bow was basically the same as that pro.  Now, in fairness, this archery parent will keep that archer’s name quiet.  As the years progressed, so did the equipment. Now for the first three and a half years, the archer was very committed to a particular bow company and equipment.  He worked hard to look at the best and try to mimic certain aspects of the archers on the podiums.  Let’s be honest, wins and podium placement drive purchases.  Every archer wants to be on that podium of the senior class in archery.

Anyone in the archery world knows the names that the youth love and are star struck over.  About a year and 1/2 ago the archer made major shifts in his equipment.  This was absolutely driven by a top archer in the USA.  It was driven by the desire to be on the podium. It was driven by the drive to be the best.  The archery “purge” this time of year, each year, is interesting to watch.  Archery is such a small sport, manufacture changes are felt personally.

It is known that despite the growing number of archers competing, the industry as a whole is down.  It is not a rich man’s sport, however, this sport certainly requires money! Most archers are hard working individuals that do all they can to afford attending tournaments.  Add the cost of a new piece of equipment or bow, it can be crippling.  As the “purge” happens, be mindful.  Keep the gossip to a minimum.   Support the archers’ moves and decisions, even if it is upsetting to the youth archer in your life.  This is not only business for the top archer’s, it is their life and livelihood.

Now, the change in the archer’s bow greatly increased his confidence.  Prior, it was a struggle to find confidence and this change has been amazing.  Different archer, different bows.  They are as unique as the individual.  However, if the archer believes that bow is the best because the best use it, it does mentally change the game for some.

With all this said, any top archery can take any bow and work and tweak it to make it work.  In fact, changes each year are based on the input of these archers to improve the equipment.  There is no doubt that the game of archer has changed greatly in the five years, starting the six of being in the sport of archery.   The equipment and mental game are driving archery to a level of “many” top archers.  The game is on!



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