Hindsight is 20/20 – A New Archery Parent Highlight – International Wiring

Hindsight is 20/20, is more like, wish someone had told me how to do this.  Recently upon completing a World Archery registration for the archer, the payment screen required a wire transfer of funds to a bank internationally to the archery club.  This archery parent, following the direction of the bank online customer service from the last international transaction which froze the accounts. It was suggested that it would be best to go into my local branch.  No worries, this will be easy.  Well, this is the story of what may be something like being on the watch list.  Hindsight is 20/20.

The first mistake was listening to the other parent.  The suggestion was to go to our local grocery store that does transfers for only $8, instead of the bank at $35 to $45 per wire.  That is worth the savings to this very tightly budgeted archery family.  After, ensuring the western union wire could wire to the bank of the country that needed the tournament funds was confirmed, paperwork was filled out.  The manager of that location had not only never done a bank transfer, but never an international transfer.  After 20 minutes, a line of people waiting for customer service, and still on hold with the Western Union, this archery parent gave up.  Going to the bank to ensure it was done correctly was more important than saving the extra dollars.  However, frustration was glowing from the body.

After completing grocery shopping, with milk and colds in the car on a warm day, this parent was still rushed and frustrated.  Waiting in line at the bank to have the transfer done, everything was in hand and ready.  Showing the teller the paperwork and requesting the wire transfer of $116.38, she ran my card and then told me that they could not do the wire transfer, it had to be done by appointment.  Well, that is new. Explaining that it needed to be done today (as an email was just sent requesting payment), an “appointment” was set up.  Then she asked this parent to have a seat.  Well, wasn’t interested in sitting. (Hindsight – sit next time.) She went into the back where the name of the country was mentioned and other words muttered.

The gentleman then went to the manager, where another serious conversation was being done quietly while staring at this parent.  From there it was just continued frustration.  The first assistant manager tried to just talk about promotions and sale services, which the reply was, can we just do the wire transfer?  Then the manager joins us to explain they have questions.  Which was further frustrating, as this manager opened the archers checking account with this parent not too long ago.  Reminding him of the time and all the work done and go ahead and ask the questions so that the wire could be done.   So, two men sitting in front of this archery parent to wire $116.38 apparently had them on high alert.  After circling fake friendly conversation, and NO questions ever asked…

They finally realized they were wrong, fees were waived, this parent did apologize for the frustration that had nothing to do with them. However, there was never rudeness or anything hostile. The manager just ensured next time to come to him and it would be no problem.    Finally able to walk out smiling, shock the head, and feeling confused, drove home.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Never go into a bank to wire funds to an international country wire frustrated.  Understand, that the world is not safe.  It is better safe than sorry.  Honestly, still a little hot under the collar for the reason that this manager should have remembered the work we had done together.  In fairness, much of the banking is done online.   Are you a future parent of an international archer? Might be worth trip to the bank to talk to the manager.  This goes back to relationships.  Apparently, the bank is part of the team now, add them in when the time is coming for international tournaments.  It was an important reminder to take a breath, recenter, and not to allow the life to have effects on others unless it brings joy.



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