Social Media and The Archery Part II

The last blog was kinda a bummer because it shows that it doesn’t take much for kids being kids to do harm to the future with social media.  Thankfully, there is a flipside to social media. It can do amazing things to assist the archer in the future. There are some great ideas and ways to drastically grow an athlete through social media.  There are about six messy pages of notes and thought it would be easiest to just give a list of idea and tool that were found from social media pages of the NCAA, Dartmouth, Athletic Business, Team USA, and Recruit Look.

On social media, there should be a separate athletes page on all accounts.  Social Media should be treated and used wisely with these type suggestions:

  • Every day is a job interview.
  • Have pride in who and what you represent.
  • Every tweet, post, like, and share is a reflection of who you are.
  • Give thanks.
  • Support others.
  • Share news and humor.
  • Engage in discussions with those you admire.
  • Post anything consistent with your personal branding.
  • Be original, be yourself.
  • Be inspirational.
  • Should reflect you as a person.
  • Keep posts short.
  • Ask Questions
  • Be visual
  • Establish a brand and tone.
  • Think twice or three times before posting.
  • Be positive.

Here is what is important to remember as the young archers progress and want to use social media.  It is being watched.  Nothing can ever be truly deleted.  Online social media is not a place where one can say or do whatever without percussions.  The internet is permanent.  Worse than a tattoo.  The good news, is they are watching.  The best part about social media is that it connects us together.  It allows conversation and relationships to grow that can assist the future.  Have fun.  Let the “freak factor” fly.


Shoot Straight.  Next blog:  The Hungry Archer.






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