Social Media and the Archer Part 1

We no longer live in the days of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” attitude.  Social media sights can destroy lives in the time it takes to push the enter button on a computer.  The youth of the world seems to lack the understanding of how powerful of a tool it can be both in creating and destroying reputations and the future.  Having spent a couple hours researching sites, there is a clearing picture of what should and should not be done on social media.  The sites that were visited are NCAA, Dartmouth, Team USA, Recruit Look, Athletic Businesses.  It can, also, absolutely be an amazing tool to build and quickly grow an athlete.

Since it is best to end with good news, let’s start with the what not to do, and the importance of the what not to do on social media.  This is the difference between building an image and inadvertently destroying it.  Once an archer has started to win state and doing well in national level tournaments social media can start to play a role in the archer’s life. Some of the costly mistakes are due to a lack of education about social media. Here are some of the Don’ts:  it is impermissible (too bad to be allowed) to post any information, photos, or other representations of sexual conduct, inappropriate behavior, items that “could be” demeaning or inflammatory.   Everything posted is public and a post or even a “like” may affect the future.  Employers, colleges, and coaches review social networking.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  all play roles in their future.

Additionally, language, situations, alcohol or drugs, lifestyle controversial and even relationship issues should be left off social media.  Social media is a not a toy, it is a tool. Once you retweet or share something, basically, you own it…it is you.   Jeez, what can they do?  We will get to that, but if a young archer starts to realize that social media is similar to getting a tattoo, it might be better used.  The internet is permanent.  Actually, it is worse than a tattoo, because even those can be removed.  It is not a place where one can say or share without the repercussions.



It is not that we are asking for a loss of speech or personal freedoms, instead, it is being asked to look to the future.  No matter what the goal, whether it is becoming an archery professional, college graduate or working, how one represents themselves in public, is watched.  The internet is one of the most public places in the world.  There are no deletes or eraser.  Teaching about emotional posting and educating on how to build imaging and branding on social media is important.

In the interest of keeping your interest, part 2 will be posted soon.  Come back and read about social media DO’s and personal branding.


Shoot straight.  Please comment, request, share.  This is for all archery parents to learn from and grow together.


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