“Pro” Tips – 6+ Things Every Archer/Parent Should Learn How to Do


“Pro” tips – it is an inside joke from a tournament years ago.  As a young rascal, on the 3D field, the archer stepped up his game and decided to start shooting the Pro Division for the opportunity to walk alongside the top archers.   “Pro” tips became a joke when the archer gave advice…and it has stuck, now with a laugh.  He will say, “Pro tips by JC.”

Today, this archery parent is struggling to remember the amazing idea that came in the middle of the night.  Should have written it down, even though it was repeated several times in the hopes it would stick.  Instead, the archer was asked, “What five things should every archer know to deal with bow issues on the field?”  6+ were given.  (This is for a compound bow.)

  1.  Know how to tie a D-loop  – A quick search on youtube resulted in 24,700 videos on this topic.
  2.  Know how to check cam timing – youtube has 406,000 potential videos.
  3. Know how to adjust and tie in a peep – Youtube only a mere 2,170 video.  Have an extra peep and material to tie in…they can come out and move.  Also mark the string where the peep goes, makes for easy checking and fixing.
  4. Know how to check arrows –  23,400 videos.  Know the archer knows how to spin them on the palm of his hand –  know how to do a quick refletching of the arrow.
  5. Know how to tune the bow rest – 116,000 video options
  6. Know how to adjust sight –  866,000 video…holy moly!

The 6+ tip is “just know how to tune your whole bow.”

This archery parent does not know how to do all of this!  This was taught to the archer by coaches and the home base shops.  There were many extra hours after practice and lessons that the archer was in with the coaches and staff learning.  There is never harm in watching the quick fixes and asking questions.   What was learned by this archery parent was studying form, listening to the coach teaching.  Taking the time to read arrows and possible problems on the target.  With that said, time will be taken to watch a few of these videos to learn.  Picking up a bow was the most valuable tool to help the archer.

Shoot Straight

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