This Archery Parents Tournament Backpack

As parents we try to prepare and forsee needs at tournaments. It has taken years to o try to get all the needs covered. Each night prior to next days competition the backpack is dumped, reorganized, and reloaded for the next day.

Here is the list of items that were included for Outdoor Nationals:

A small medical pouch with bandaids and antiseptic ointment

A small make up pouch filled with over the counter medication…aleve, anti-diarrhea meds, gas-Ă—, sudafed, and sleep aids (hotel beds)

A neck cooling tie

Ziploc bag gallon size

Phone charging cord and back up battery

Rain poncho


Lara bar and mixed nuts

Baseball cap

Gift for coach


Bottle of water

Umbrella x2

Hair rubber band

Flash light

What? No archery gear. Well, my archer is now old enough to take care of these needs. In the future this archery parent can do a “what’s in the archers quiver and travel bag” blog soon.

Well. Wrote this during Nationals. Time to remember to hit the “publish” button.

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