The Archery Facility – Essential to Grow an Archer

stars alighn 2 (1)

It was not too long ago, that this archery parent created the above pyramid.  The concept was to consider all the aspects that have gone into growing the archer.  There was a very important element that was left out.  In a Bow Junky interview with Dave Cousins, he mentioned the importance of the facility.  Wow, did not even consider how important this has been in the past five years.

In a recent conversation with another archery parent and a strong archer, this important factor was highlighted.  This family does not have an archery facility near, the solution was…to build the archer his own range.  This is an expensive solution, that many do not have the option to provide.  Additionally, this is still not the ideal situation for any archer wanting to climb the ladder to the top of archery.

When the archer first took an interest in archery, there was a very well established shop and JOAD program in our area.  A few years later, when moving to another state, one of the requirements were to ensure there was a decent archery shop in the area we were moving into.  There were a few down falls to the shop we moved to, however, it had many of the parts to help the archer progress.

Does the shop have?

  1.  Good Atmosphere
  2. A Knowledgeable bow tech
  3. Customer SERVICE!
  4. Carry a wide range of bows and accessories
  5. A practice range 20m minimum
  6. Bow tuning equipment
  7. Youth classes
  8. Coach
  9. Shooting Leagues
  10. Pricing

Not all bow shops are created equal, and there are not always choices allowed to be made to pick.  Sometimes, the closest is not the best fit for the youth. Driving further away to a shop that can handle the needs of a competitive archer is more important than saving time.  In order to grow a strong base in any archer, first,  start with the facility(s), then take the time to spend time in the shop.



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