Reflections of This Archery Parent and Focus Forward

As this archery parents season travel comes to an end, archery is still on the fore front.  The archer still has three more trips this season, leaving little time for rest or time off from archery.   As a parent, this is not something typical that would be encouraged.  However, when certain goals are met, they often lead to another adventure in archery.

This season for this archery parent marked a shift in what was needed and required.  As the archer grows in the sport and in age, there are less “needs” on the field and more “needs” off the field.  This year, was more business.  The addition of a new coach has required more time in communication, planning and relationship development.   Reflection on the past season as ultimately lead to a “focus forward” attitude.

Focus forward mindset is often used by top businesses, athletes, and coaches.  As a parent, a forward focus has the 2018 year being planned and goals set.  As an archery parent, the goals are set to help the archer achieve success.  On a side note, the bow can be put down at any time by the archer, his dreams are not my dreams.  As long as the archer strives to reach his dreams, then his success is helped by having a focus forward mindset for this parent.

Forward thinking is preparing to not only avoid pitfalls and failure, but to also achieve growth and success through innovation (Brad Smith).  In today’s archery world, off the field is becoming as important as on the field.  Forward thinking keeps the goals reachable while adding new layers to the industry and networking.  Social media is vastly important, find ways to stand out without sticking out is essential.  Forward thinking or focus requires parent involvement to grow the sport for the future youth climbing the ladder.

In 2018, some archery business and industry will be addressed and goals set for this archery parent to help the archer understand the business side and walking through relationships and personalities. With his goal of being the best in the world,  this archery parent has to help prepare him for the chance to make it to the top or to be able to walk away someday with a greater knowledge of walking through the world.




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