USAT #3 So Cal Showdown Practice Day

On an overcast cool breezy day in Chula Vista, unusual for this time of the year, archers came in to practice.  The wind was a bit trickier than normal, however, the quick glances at the archers on the field showed constancy on the targets.  This tournament is always like coming home for this archery parent, as my childhood home was only about 40 minutes north.

As the archer went about practicing with his coach, this archery parent sat with other parents on the “national” tour.  For those with juniors competing, much of the conversation is surrounded around college and archery.  For those younger, it is mainly archery.   There on conversations about who is going to Texas for the last USAT tournament of the year and who are staying home.  Those going are typically those that are still working on improving the standings for national rankings and needing or wanting to improve scores.  Improved placement at a tournament will replace the higher points earned in rankings.  The lower the points the higher the ranking and placement.

Today, there was the great news of having a jump start on the 2018 tournament schedule from one of the USA Archery judges/parents.  The information was shared by another parent that received it from another parent.  This information is helpful in planning the 2018 year and the ability to see if other association tournaments can be added to the schedule.  For the archer, the goal is the addition of another NFAA and ASA tournament into the schedule, if time and budget allow.

Tomorrow, weather looks nice for qualifications.  The archer trained harder for this tournament than the prior.  Coming off of nationals with lower placement than hoped and with facing eliminations against the seniors, he still dreams of beating out some of those top dogs in archery.  No matter the outcome, he will go out with finishing up a great outdoor season, with several goals met and new challenges and goals to stretch toward.

No, the 2018 season is not over.  This tournament marks the final USAT tournament of 2018.  This tournament does mark the LAST tournament this archery parent is “planning” on attending in this 2017 season.   The archer has some that he will attend with his coach.  This tournament marks a year of growth, friendships, and joys.  No, the work is not done for this archery parent.  There are budgeting, resume, sponsor gifts to make, even, business plans to work on.  Oh, the life of an archery parent.

Shoot straight.






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