Self Branding in Archery –

In an exceptional interview done by Bow Junky Media, Dave Cousins gives an interview that shines a light on today’s archery and advises to the up and coming archers.  As this archery parent listened to the podcast, notes were being taken.  After 53 minutes into the podcast, there were pages of notes, ideas, and thoughts written down. One of the interesting topics he brought up was self-management.

Let’s start with please listen for his words and advice.  One of the topics was self-management.  This archery parent will let his words and wisdom be his words.  The topic of self-management is a great topic.  Inside the topic of self-management is the self-branding.  Self-branding or “personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personalbranding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.” (Wikipedia).

From this topic is starts to narrow down to a branding statement to a personal branding statement. From there one goes on to building your brand.  This is not only a large topic, it is an important topic.  Ideas that help pull together the branding are knowing the vision, strengths, freak factor, personality attributes, education, work experience and goals.  Many of these topics are factors that are pulled together while writing the archers resume.

One of the interesting ideas is the “freak factor”.   Freak factor term refers to a unique quality that makes you different and unusual.  This topic leads into a freak factor search on google.  There was a freak factor quiz… the results of this archery parent from the quiz:

You got: Level 4: Certified Freak
You are near the top of the freakness scale. You’re flaunting your weaknesses most of the time. You avoid most activities that highlight your weaknesses and seek out situations that maximize your strengths.

Well, not sure that being a certified freak is a good thing or not. LOL.  There are books on the topic.  Self-branding is about self-discovery.   As a parent, we have the unique positions of truly knowing our children.

There is such a vast number of factors that go into assisting our archers to climb towards the top.  There is no easy way to reach the elite status, there is no easy way to reach dreams.  It is dreams that drive passion and excellence.  It is dreaming that encourages growth and determination.  SO little ones, dream big.


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