“Realistic” Goal Setting

Goal setting is important in life.  Goal setting for any journey or dream is essential.  This last year, with the addition of another amazing coach, not only was mental training required, but goal setting was essential.  When asked what was the goal of the archer, he went straight to “being the best archer in the world.”  The coach stated this is a great goal.  However, there are many steps and goals that need to be met in order to achieve the lifetime goal.  The archer had to go from an enormous leap to an obtainable series of steps to work towards that goal.

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This is from Steve Yee posted on his Facebook page… (sharing with permission)  Thank you, Steve.

“More on the #archery front…USA Archery‘s 133rd Outdoor Nationals are complete, and it’s a huge lesson in goal setting for those who go.


Let’s look at the reality of something like an Outdoor Nationals.

You have 8 age groups: Masters 70, Masters 60, Masters 50, Senior, Junior, Cadet, Cub, and Bowman.

You have Barebow, Compound, and Recurve.

That’s 96 medal slots for the National Championship. (I don’t count Ranking round for JOAD, nor US Open for Adults, nor team round or clout).

This year had 1168 registered archers, 1138 scoring archers.

That’s 8.5 percent of the attendees that will come home with some sort of hardware.

As a coach, you play the stats. You help set goals that are realistic for your archer. Be aware that your archer is one of many competitors going for that combination of skill, timing, and fortune. Only 96 will come away with being on the podium.

So as a parent or coach – please help set realistic goals. Because even the best in the world sometimes can’t come up with enough skill, talent, timing, or luck to overcome the rest of the field.”

This was such sound advice.  The importance of “realistic” goal setting is essential.   Not many archers came home with medals.


When looking at images for goal setting on google, interestingly, many include a target and arrows.  There are goals set that despite the effort, need to be re-examined.  Life is about missing the mark.  Archery is often lost in missing that mark, literally.


S.M.A.R.T. goal setting is essential.  Here is an example of what goal setting may look like.


As a parent and as an archery parent, it is our responsibility to help our archers have obtainable goals.  Goals that are realistic –  Could be as simple as shooting one point or x better than the last tournament.  Frustration is a guarantee in archery.   There is always positive take aways from every experience in life.  There are times it is not easy to find. Realistic goals will help find the positives.   As archery parents, helping our young archers have SMART goals will help keep smiles on the field.  At the end of the day, joy is what the ultimate goal should be.


Shoot Straight.


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