Pre-Archery Travel Countdown to JOAD Nationals to Westfield, IN

It is officially a week away from the departure to Indiana for JOAD Nationals.  The 133rd U.S. National Target Championships and 2017 JOAD National Target Championships.  This is only the third year travel has been made to the national tournament.  It is quite impressive to imagine the first National tournament.  That was 1884.  WOW.  Well, that was a bit off track…here is the countdown checklist that has been done.

Airlines Reservations – Flights look correct!  After this flight, we will both make priority status with miles…since we switched airlines year, we had to start all over.  This also means that a tournament will have flights paid for with miles!

Car Rental – Received an email last night about earning miles with car agencies.  The car was reserved months ago, however, it warranted a look.  Not only are we now earning miles for renting a car through the airline, we were also able to find a $70 savings! Canceled the older rental.

Tournament Info –  Took a few minutes to check the General and Competition Format and Rules – Archer is registered and in the correct category. Finally found the preliminary schedule.  This is all available on USA Archery website.

The Weather – It appears to be the normal national tournament weather.  80’s with thunderstorm and rain possible. Lightning can make tournaments long and frustrating. The rule is if lightning strikes within 8 miles of this touranment, there is an automatic 30-minute delay…some storms push shooting back for hours.  Fields can be drenched.

Well, it all seems to be on track for traveling.   It will be time to pull out the suitcase in a few days.  The bag still contains all the non-clothing items from the last trip ready to be reorganized.  We are looking forward to seeing friends on the field.  Laughter and memories are sure to be made.  Prayers and courage will surely be needed.  Forgiveness and patience will be tested.  As an archery parent, may the zen shine through.










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