“Archery is work now, not fun.”, says the archer.

Oh, that moment when goals and dreams become more than just fun.  At the last tournament, a tired, stressed and anxiety filled archer, stated that archery is just working now, not fun.  This is a statement that cannot be disagreed upon.  Simply, true, he works at archery.

This archery parent took a pause and wanted to ensure that the answer does not add pressure to him, especially during a tournament.  He was sitting on the bed with his computer on his lap.  At the time, this parent was thought he was watching a movie.  We will get back to that.

The first question asked, as always, was: Did you talk to (coach name)?  Side Note: (It is amazing to have a great coach(es) that are invested in students.)  The archer answered, “Yes, he said to suck it up.”  This is a perfect answer from a coach to this archer.  Now, it was my time.

This archery parent stated (something like):  Yes, that is true.  And if he decided to quit archery, that was his choice.  That archery would be missed, but it would save us a ton of money. And that I was fine, either way.  However, it would be disappointing for him, not for me.  Archery can be a future.  This archery parent then said your dream was traveling the world, being paid to shoot archery.  But, either way, I love you.  And, it is good that you are surfing, it is important to have something fun in your life.  (The father of the archer, is trying to push golf, as sharks may eat him.)

Now, back to the computer, on the trip home from the airport, during a long weather delay, it was then it was realized he was working on an essay.  He was in the process of completing the essay at the airport.  There are two options that would have the archer working on an essay during a tournament.  One, he was working on something archery related, or two, he was working on his summer A.P. course for high school.

Here is what this parent has been told, that he did not have any work left for the class. So, he was working on an archery related topic.  The archer enjoys writing and this parent is encouraging sports writing in college.

Now, with all that great calmness (laughing, because that is so not true!)…this archery parent was thankful that he was truly working at the moment he said archery is work, and not fun. My heart would be broken to lose archery in our lives.  Archery has become our connection through the teenage years.  Not ready to let that go yet.  This archery parent is really excited about the next tournament.  Many of my best and favorite friends and people are going to be there and a couple not seen for a year.

Thankful for the smiles and laughter that are found on the archery field.  As long as his laughter is included, we march on.



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