The Archer and Dealing with Anxiety Prior to a Competition

Sitting in the room, the night prior to competition.  The archer and a fellow archer are just back from the movies.  They are sitting in the room having a conversation about competition tomorrow.  They are both discussing the growing anxiety about tomorrow’s competition.

Their discussion involved the weakness they feel they have and how they plan on dealing with it on the field.  There is a conversation about the wind tomorrow, how they plan on handling the situation.  They discussed equipment and possible minor adjustments need to help if the wind increases.

The unique part of this tournament is that allows more of a team feel, in the fact that the archers’ want their friends to make the team with them.  They can offer each other some advice to help each other out.  They are building each other up.   These young competitors are on large group snap chat or Instagram groups.  They are in constant conversation with other archers through social media.  They know what most are doing tonight and teasing and playing through the anxiety of the day before the competition.

As, this archery parent types, they just headed out the door to go make a video to share on the group conversation.  No matter the outcome this weekend, these young archers are making life long friendships.  Friendships that will carry them through the stress, the heartaches, the wins and loses.





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