World Archery Youth Trials Round Robin 2017


This morning was another cool breezy day.  The day started with the top 32 archers in compound and recurve archery of cadet and junior ages.  Cadets are 15-17 years of age and juniors are 18-21 years of age.  The photo above shows the archers in the morning meeting prior to the start of the competition.   ( Loving the beam of light shining upon the archers.)

These young archers competed in 7 rounds of elimination style round robin.  This allows every archer to compete against each archer that qualified for the top eight in the prior day’s competition.  This is a long day of continuous shooting, with one quick 15-minute break in the middle to allow for restroom use and fueling the body.  The competition started a 8, with most archers arriving around 7 to be able to get some shots off on the practice field.

This year, electronics got the best of the tournament with scoring and some confusion.  Live scoring was down for some archers, which can be frustrating.  Most spectators rely on the live scoring to keep them up to the date of the scores on the field.  It is often not easy to know the scores on the target even with binoculars due to the distance away from the target.  By the end, there was confusion and incorrect scores that delayed the team and had growing frustrations by parents and archers on the field.  This is archery.

Once corrections were completed, the team member with one alternative where announced and parents and archers gathered for the team meeting on the upcoming tournament in Argentina in October.


This is your 2017 USA World Archery Youth Team.  There were hugs and tears by parents and excitement at the opportunity ahead.

Congratulations to the team and to those that just missed making the team.  There is impressive talent in our youth and many lost the battle by a point or two. There are Olympic hopefuls preparing for the 2020 Olympics in the recurve world and hopeful compound shooters with the possibility of compound archery in 2024 Olympic games.

As for this archery parent, today was spent watching some of the ends, talking, and laughing with friends.   The frustration of the live scoring being down just seemed like a sign to not stress about it and just enjoy the day.  For this archery parent, the best part of the day is a hug from the archer (he is not a hugger.)

Finally, as with most tournaments in the US, there is the required Panda Express meal to finish off the tournament.  Traditions are hard to break and Panda is just one of them. Praying for safe journeys home, for rest and rejuvenation.  JOAD Nationals are just a few weeks away, making goodbyes easier.

This archery parent is tired and looking forward to being home tomorrow night.

Blessings to you all.

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    1. Hi
      Thank you for the comment. I am trying hard not to include the archer in the posts! Not wanting the page to be about him, but about the parent’s side of it all. Privately, I will say, he made the team. It was very exciting. 😉


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