World Archery Youth Trials Qualification Day 2017

wp-image-497825681Today’s weather was surprising.  The day was cool and breezy.  This morning, when the sun was shining between the puffy clouds, the sun was being sought.  By the afternoon, when the sun slipped behind the clouds, there was a chill.  This archery parent pulled out the hoodie for the archer and extra shirt for the legs for this archery parent.

The wind was such that it was no awful, but certainly kept the scores interesting as it had a bit of a swirl.  The cadet division was at 8 this morning.  Since the archer is in the junior division, there was extra sleep allowed.  However, the plan to wake up at 9 and move from there, was changed to the archer up at 8.  The plan for him was to go for a quick run and swim to work off the nerves.  Breakfast was a quick egg and sausage from the hotel and some down time.

Scores from the cadets competing were on the phone to watch.  Once at the field, this archery parent, settled in next to dear friends of a cadet shooter and some quick hellos.  The day progressed and the top 8 cadets were determined.  It is hard to watch dreams slip away for some archers and for some, to see dreams reached with smiles. wp-image-922483582

As we moved to the junior division competition, many leave with heads down, 8 had smiles, again.  The wind continued to cause issues until the last few ends. Some cadets stay to watch and cheer on friends in other divisions.  Junior division started a little later than planned.   This venue had a wonderful cafe type restaurant that had great food choices.  There were even beer and wine selections available for some parents that just needed a refreshment.  This is a nice addition.  However, this archery parent waiting until we were safe back at the hotel, as driving was still needed.


Good Luck to all the archers competing tomorrow.  It will be an early morning with a 8 a.m. starts to 7 round robins to battle it out to the top three archers to make the Team USA for the World Youth Championships in Argentina in October.

Cheers and straight shooting.

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