Family Time or Archery Training Time

Family time is important.  As the two young men are growing into adults, it is harder to get the family together.  This past week, the boys, drove four hours one way to go surfing and then drive back after.   There are times that the parent has insisted the archer attend a family gathering, and then days like today.

There is a tournament next weekend.  This is an important tournament. This is a high-pressure tournament where not only placement but scores and endurance of mental and physical strength could affect an archer.  There have been hours of training, exercise, and diet in preparing for this tournament.  Yes, the archer has a gym and diet regiment. Know, that this is the archer’s choice.  As long as this parent sees healthy habits, then, simply encourage.  This is the World Archer Youth World Trials, and this archery parent knows, like the rest of the young archers attending, they have worked hard to succeed.

With all that said, tonight, there is a family gathering.  Today, the archer has been at work all day.  The archer “kindly” requested that he be able to go train tonight, instead of having to come to dinner.  (Anytime the teenager remembers to ask kindly, it is often rewarded.) We parents consulted and told him that we would bring him home dinner and to go train.  There is a training schedule and coming into a tournament, the archer needs to be focused on his archery training and his mental training.  Today, archery won.

The family is important.  This parent is only the archery parent because of the commitment to my family, my strength in God, the support of my friends.  However, to sabotage a commitment to his coach and the training schedule, with only a few days before we leave, would be a selfish decision for this archer parent.   Now, if we still had another week or two, this parent would have said, nope…family.

Today, he arches.  (Does archery.)images

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