This Archery Parent is on VACATION

With Youth Worlds, just a hop skip and a jump away, this archery parent is going to take an archery blog time out!  Once Youth Worlds is on the radar, then JOAD Nationals follows, and So Cal Showdown soon after, the blog will be back up in full swing.  The goal is to do some research and work on some ideas and thoughts in this brain.


Now, it would be great to say that feet are warming in the sand on a beach.  However, vacations = archery tournaments at this point in life.  Not really a warm fuzzy feeling of relaxation and peace, that is ok.  It will not be long before the archer is off to college and going to tournaments without this archery parent always in tow.   The positive, archery as taken us on journeys and adventures to many places in the USA.  This summer includes two states that have never been visited.   Typically, the archer will want to spend our last day, after the tournament is done checking out some part of the state that is interesting.  Being that he loves the outdoors, it is an adventure to see the beauty of the location of that state.

Here is to some creative quiet time to focus on ideas and thoughts.


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