The Allen Wrenches and This Parents Archer

Today is a very hot day in central Oregon.  It is one of those days, that you look outside and it draws you outside into the beautiful sunshine.  Then after about five minutes, the beauty is lost to the heat and inside is the place to be.  Even with the A/C set at 77, it is lovely inside. Due to the extra time inside and the fact that the archer resides downstairs in a finished basement of concrete.  It is easily 5 or more degrees cooler down in the dungeon.  This archery parent decided it was time to reorganize the archer’s bow shop (or spare bedroom).

There are several items that jump out as obsession type items.  Seriously how many Allen wrenches does any archer really need.  As, this parent sorted through every little nut and bolt, knock, tips, weights, fletchings…just trust me, there is a serious amount of parts and pieces down there.  Yes, the archer can strip down a bow and put it back together in no time, so many bows have been stripped and modified in the past years.  There was still an absurd amount of Allen wrenches.

Yes, Allen wrenches are important to an archer.  True, that most quivers have a set of bow Allen wrenches inside.  However, why does this archer have this amount?  Maybe, some of the items purchased include them, ok.  Let us just look at this photo.


Funny thing is that there are several more around the house in the junk drawers.  With a quick research, there are nine sizes that are crucial to the compound bow and will be needed at some time.  The compound bow has many moving parts and accessories come loose with the vibration of the bow.  Allen wrenches are very important.  It is one of the items that is often seen shared on the field among archers.  This parent has purchased several of the archer’s Allen wrench set over the years.  This item seems to be one of those items that go missing like spoons or socks in my house.  Is there an Allen wrench hoarder in your house, as well?

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