This Archery Parent and A Thank You, God Moment at Archery Tournament

This story happened this year.  This year started out with more mistakes than typical, which ensures me, that exhaustion of archery is taking a toll on the wee brain.  There was a time that the archer insisted on arriving hours before the start of tournaments.  These days, a teenager that values sleep, the plan is one hour prior at the field.  Travel and food time are added.

This tournament, the prior night, having a great time with friends that are archers, time for the next day was being discussed.  In my mind, this parent, recalls the time slightly different, but thought, well, she shot, she has to know…wrong.  The following morning, the extra time felt different.  The archer, normally is dragging his butt to the car by the day of eliminations, so this archery parent is in the car waiting.  This particular morning, the archer was ready early.  Great.  He suggested that we just go.

This time still included time to stop for the drive-thru breakfast, to ensure there is something in the stomach.  Now, this is also a new development.  As nerves are handled better and the years of his coaches telling him over and over, he had to eat to stay strong, finally sunk in.  We cruised into the parking lot, which was full.  Typically an hour before, archers are just starting to show up.  This was odd.

We pulled down an aisle and there was a friend getting something out of his car, in a hurry.  The archer is concerned and yells asking about the start time.  He answers.  It turns out the archer has five minutes to get his feet on the line for the practice line.  The car was thrown in park and trunk was popped and the archer ran to the line.  He made it, however, there were several lessons learned.

One, check the program, the emails, and Facebook for changes that do not seem correct.  The archer that mentioned the hour later line, was shooting on the line an hour later.  Oops.  Two, have equipment ready.  Once we arrive at a tournament, the bow is set up and left set up until the last arrow is shot.  Now, recurves, this is not as easy.  So, refer to rule one above.  Three, give thanks where thanks are due.  This archery parent thanked God for a very long time that morning.  It took a long time for my heart rate to recover.  There was no time for the typical calming music the hour before eliminations.

Don’t make the same mistake.  Learn from this archery parents mistakes!  Please.




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