My Father’s Influence and This Archery Parent

Happy Father’s Day.  As an adult with almost two adult sons and an appreciation for how short life can be, much reflection is done when drawing on experiences and wisdom as an archery parent.  As we get older, it seems the more we can start to pull into our parents’ wisdom and reflect to, not how was I at this age as a child, but how did my parents handle the situation.  It is interesting that in archery, a sport my father knows little about has greatly influenced how this parent has become this archery parent.

Archery is a sport of progression and finesse.  Some sports, like football, theoretically, an athlete could start in high school and move to the top quickly, with talent and hard work. Football is training for war.  Baseball, to this past baseball player, lover, raised on baseball, team mom, score keeping, kinda mom. It is a sport that really needs to start younger than high school to understand the dance it is on a field. It is a game of finesse. This archery parent’s Dad had signing bonuses in high school for baseball.  If we weren’t fishing, we were at Angel’s baseball games. Archery and baseball can reflect each other in the time it can take for an athlete to reach the top of his game, but also how critical is to know how to be a finesse shooter.

My father was a successful athlete, a career that ended tragically with an injury.  In today’s medical world, a simple surgery would have fixed him, but then, even the USA Olympic doctor could not help.  My dad, knows the loss of dreams, but also that dreams are worth fighting for. My father later coached my sister’s softball team to championships, women slow pitch teams to the championship, my oldest son’s little league team to championships.  He taught me a dedication to a sport and how to be a great “coach”, or supporter.

This daughter, was the animal, horse lover.  My father never coached my teams in baseball or softball.  Just was not my love, after middle school, horses won.  However, my father came to any horse event he was able to attend.  He especially loved dressage because we had an exact time that the test was, so he did not have to hang at all day.  He taught me to be a parent that shows ups and is involved, even when you did not understand it.

Having the honor of having a great business man raise me, was not always easy.  He had expectations that were hard to always reach, however, his support was always there.  My parents made sacrifices to ensure that the best was available for success in dreams.  His dedication to hard work and sacrifice and tough expectations does assist in seeing opportunities in a business mindset.  Not only did he teach work ethics, this parent was expected to learn the business from the ground up.  This has influenced this archery parent to draw on the wisdom and help the archer navigate the business and relationship side of any business.

This daughter of the grandfather of the archer is thankful.  He is able to come to his first tournament this year, and we are excited.  Unfortunately, he lives in a state that does not have national events.  Happy Father’s Day!11421999_1609425815981238_840301582_n.jpg


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