The Archer’s Resume – Part 4

This is the final blog on the archer’s resume.  Are you has happy as this archery parent is to be completed?  This time was beneficial.  It allowed time to review, research and analysis for the updated archer’s resume that will be needed for the 2018 season.  It is not too early to start.  It is better to have it well organized and done.  There are times that situations arise, that having one ready and available to send.  Tournaments are times when relationships are developing.  It is possible to have a company request that you send in your resume.  No panicking or, worse, throwing one together without thought and consideration to the companies.

It is IMPORTANT, to rewrite the introduction part of the resume each time.  It is easy to cut and paste, but there could be an error that may mention another company.  Or it mentions equipment that the companies does not manufacture.  It is not hard to make these errors.  (head down)…Yes, it happen once at the beginning…don’t be this archery parent…do better, learn from the mistakes.  PLEASE.  LOL

Part 4 – Introduction/Cover letter

Here are a few items that were written down as research was done prior to this blog.  This is an area that is easy to find quality information from professional types and this archery parent is not a professional on resumes.  Here are the items that were written down that this archery parent will use when updating the archer’s resume:

  1. What are four things that define you as an archer, professional, or skills?
  2. What do you enjoy most about archery?
  3. Align yourself with the companies job, requirements or products
  4. No “I” or “me”
  5. Tell what you do and what you are known for
  6. Give yourself a title
  7. Start with your title – fragmented type sentences
  8. Add career highlights

Hoping these blogs has encouraged you to start keeping records and defining goals.  There is always more need to learn and ways to help your archer.  The archery world is growing, more and more spots will be needed for the lovers of archery.





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