And the Winner IS! 50th This Archery Parent Blog Giveaway

It is 3:02 pm, PST.  In less than two hours, this archery parent is ensuring that there are no errors.  Want to ensure no one was missed in the giveaway.  It is interesting to see the needs of the archers in the comment section.  There is a great need for arrows in the archery world…they are like baseballs at a game.  There needs to be more than one and a bucket of them is best!

There were some bigger needs for children and even programs.  There are complete bow setups needed.  One of the best parts of giveaways or lotteries is the chance to dream.  What is it that you would get if you could and had the resources?  Thank you all the comments.  Thank you for sharing stories.

Stick around.  The 100th blog giveaway will be even bigger.

And the winning number is: 16

They are hoping to purchase:  Defiantly some new arrows!






Congratulation! Please come back and share photos of your items from your gift card purchase.

Tomorrow, The Archer’s Resume – Part 4 “Introduction Letter” will finish The Archer’s Resume sharing.  Thank you for reading.  So many more stories and adventures to share.

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