The Archer’s Resu​me – Part 3

In case you are new to this blog, this is a blog by just an archery parent.  Now, like any parent/adult, wisdom is embedding into my life by experiences.  This is just how this parent helps the archer on his journey.  This is not about being anonymous…this is just not about the archer.  Once, this becomes the archer’s or the name of the archer, then it becomes about him.    All this archery parent has to offer is what we worked through, what we learned and how we responded.

The Archer’s Resume – Part 4

Future Goals – This is fairly self-explanatory, however, set goals for the immediate and a few years out.  Does your archer want to make the USAT team, or travel internationally?How about attending youth camps at USA Archery or NFAA or a top coach workshop? Does your archer want to compete and work towards top finishes or maybe shooting a 300 indoors or 700 outdoors?  Does the archer want to be on pro staff or attend a world cup?  This is where the dream can become reality.  As this archery parent reviewed this resume from two years ago, the archer completed all the future goals, time to set new ones.

Sponsors/Supporters – These are companies or shops that are helping support the archer.  No matter how small, a sponsor is a sponsor.  Local sporting good stores that carry archery equipment could be a sponsor.

References – It is important to ensure the people on this list are aware they are on the list.  Ask.  The references included should be coaches, mentors, archery shops were the archer shoots.  This is a business to sponsors, so find business references.

This was the last section of the archer’s original resume.  After all this information shared and more research, the archer’s resume will be updated and made more professional.  There are great websites that offer help in writing resumes.  This is a business, send in a professional resume.  Check punctuation, grammar, use full sentences.  This should take hours, not minutes.  It should be proofread.  This archery parent sent it to a couple people to look over.  It was ensured that the coach had read and approved the resume.

Lastly, in the next blog, this archery parent will talk about the introduction letter that was written and errors that are easy to make when sending off emails.

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