The Archer’s Resume – Part 2

The prior two blogs have been on the archer’s resume.  This is just what this archery parent did when the archer was ready to start the process of introductions to companies and future sponsorships.  This has been said in past blogs, but it is important that it is repeated, please ensure that the companies that are being pursued are companies that the archer is using.  Be selective about which company your archer wants to represent in sponsorship. It may be best not to apply to every company of stabilizers, for example.  Pick the one that is the goal to have on the archer’s team in the futureor the product the archer is currenly shooting.

Part 2 – The Archer’s Resume

Athletic Achievements – Originally when the years were added, it was started with the year 2012 and then continued to 2015.  In hindsight and a change that will be made in the updated resume. Instead, achievements will be starting with the current year.   Information that was included were placement in the tournament, type of tournament or name of it, and any information such as shoot adult or young adult if he shoots up a division or two.  Also, included state records broken ans JOAD pins earned of bronze, silver, or gold.  As the archer progressed and the scores improved, the score was included, 1407/1440, for example. Every local, state and nation were included.

Education and Qualifications – In this section school attending, grades and citizenship were mentioned.  Next, volunteer type information was included.  Is your archery assisting the younger classes at the club?  It is a good idea to have them interacting and help with the younger students.  Working closely with your coach and the program. The archer was participating in the J.O.A.D. program with USA Archery.  It had great coaches and encouraged progression of achievement.

Employment History – When the archer was 14, he did an internship at the local archery shop.  It was not until after, this archery parent tracked 100 hours was he able to talk about potential employment.   It is an important aspect of any archer to learn.  The archer now has a great summer job, that pays well and he is a bow tech in the shop.  Have your young archery (not too young) go see if there is a shop that would like a couple of hours a few days a week of free work in exchange for an education in archery.  This is about creating a well-rounded archer that can succeed in the archery world.

Wow, are you as overwhelmed as this archery parent is…it is possible that the flashbacks of all these tournaments and memories are just too overwhelming.  Here is the good news, only two more parts to discuss. Part 4 will be on the introduction letter that was written for the emails to the companies.

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