The Archer’s Resume – Part 1

Yesterday, a general information blog was given on information included in the archer’s resume.  Hoping to help other parents navigate sponsorships and relationships through our experience the past 5 years, in the reason this blog was created, with the help of mentors and friends.  In the spirit of sharing and the spirit of helping, this is what can be offered by this archery parent. Helping other parents of young archers coming up in the ranks to help create lasting relationships and partnerships with some insight.

Part 1 – The Archer’s Resume – 

  • Photos are important.  Photos give a face to a name.  Photos can speak a 1000 words.  Ensure your photos show the archer at various competitions, photos of brilliant groupings of arrows in a target by the archer, and podium photos.  In the archer’s resume, the left side of the resume, about an inch and a half wide, was lined with different photos.  There were five on the first page and two on the second page of the resume.  Take photos with purpose.
  • The introduction of the archer included the basics with the name in a larger font.  Then followed by address, contact numbers, date of birth, and (as this gets updated soon) social media sites that are dedicated to the archer and archery.  This part is easy.
  • The objective was next.  This is like a thesis statement of goals.  It would be easiest to share the sentences used, but this is not about my archer’s goals. Use words like promote, business, communication, social media, words that are futuristic.  Come up with your archers goals they have in mind for the future. Ask your archer. Where do they want to land in the archery world?  Just shoot, work on products, design products, write articles, make national or world teams, conquer the world, the is no limit to what dreams they can have.

Looking to start a resume.  Start with the above.  Go online and research and research and research.  We all have a world of information at our finger tips.  This archery parent started with a google template type resume, but there was some research into athletes and resumes done prior to starting.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2.  It will include athletes achievements and how this parent organized the information.  Additional, we will talk about education and qualifications and employment history.  You maybe thinking, my child is 11 or 12 or?  That is ok, there are still things that the young archers can do to fill in these spots.  Becoming a sponsored archer requires a well-rounded archer.  Shooting great is important, but in the limited field of sponsorship availability, doing more than just shooting great may help.

The archer was 14 when the resume was constructed in 2015.  There was four years of archery competitions prior.  This is not a easy quick process.  Dedication as an archery parent is important.



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