The Archer’s Resume

Last night, sitting in my messy crafting/business/everything office, the original resume was pulled up. In 2012, less than a year after the archer started shooting, record-keeping was started.  It is important to have a good resume for any athlete that is moving up in a sport.  Archery is unique because it is not tied to high school or college participation.  True, typically those that are sponsored are closer to 18 or adults.  The archer was 11, in 2012.  The resume was and introduction letter was sent out in 2015, at age 14.  Keep a file of tournaments and scorecards.

Do you have a young archer wanting to conquer that archery world?  A young archer that is passionate and dedicated to training and learning.  Welcome.  A fun ride ahead. This archery parent wants to share the parts on the resume that was created and sent to the manufacturers of the product the archer was using.  It is important to ensure the archer has been shooting the product that is being sought.

The parts of the archer’s resume include:

(Competition and podium photos)

  1.  Personal information
  2. Objective
  3. Athlete Achievements – Current to Prior Years
  4. Education and Qualifications
  5. Employment History
  6. Future Goals
  7. Sponsors/Supporters
  8. References

Let’s stop there for tonight.  This parent will share general information that was included and thoughts or ideas for each in the coming nights.  Remember, just an archery parent sharing and hoping to help other parents help the youth in archery and grow this sport.  iStock_000015624810_Medium-56b099d13df78cf772cff379



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