Jackalope and Archery – They exist!

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Honestly, this archery parent is sticking with jackalopes are real.  Funny story.  It was several years ago, and the young archer was out shooting 3D with coaches and friends.  People, that I considered friends.  Well, they seem to think I am gullible too.  Remember, this was beginning archery parent days!

Well into the trail and being intrigued by all the different creature that were being killed, this parent feel for a joke.  One of the coaches/friends started talking about jackalopes.  Being convinced they were real, for a couple of reasons.  One, trust.  Hello, why would they tell a lie.  Two, they just got done shooting one on the course.  Well, there you have it.  Jackalopes were real.

It was later into the trail, that the truth was revealed…of course there was lots of laughter, but why wouldn’t a rabbit have horns.  Apparently the only time jack rabbits show themselves are after they shed the horns for the seasons…

There is even a website dedicated to this creature:


Who cares if Wikipedia states it is a mystical creature.  Don’t you believe in unicorns too?  What about Santa? By now, you understand the humor in all this.  Joke was on me, and yes, this archery parent still makes fun of the story and repeats for a good laugh.

Join me in protecting the jackalope!


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