Archery Sponsorships –

This is a topic that most parents need the most help with, due to the cost of archery.  This archery parents and the archers opinion are only our experience.  There is no promise that even if the archer does everything, sponsorships will be offered.  Sponsorships are typically done around October each year, as the companies prepare for the new season.

The fact is that in the past couple of years, manufactures are seeing the growth and talent coming up in archery and are starting to sponsor talented youth.  It is not easy for the youth to get sponsorships.  There is a tremendous amount of talent in archery and every tournament new archers are stepping onto the podium.  Experienced archers are quickly moving up in the ranks, as well. This archery parent is very thankful for sponsorships.  And, it is awesome to see other young archers being recognized.

As a parent, your job is records.  Keep good and accurate tournament records.  Plan the following years tournament schedule.  Write a good resume.  We found a google type sports resume on-line and followed the format.  There are many good websites that address youth athletes, including USA Olympic website.  Photos of the athlete are important to include in the resume, this puts a face to a name, as archery is a small world.

A great mentor in the industry, as helped lead us into sponsorships.  The archer coaches, have offered advise and ideas, that have been followed.  It is with this support system and relationships that the archer has become sponsored over the past three years, one sponsor at a time.   There is more information given on opinion in additional blogs.  It is suggested to read this one: Climbing the Ladder in Archery

This is the advice from the archer.  This parent, knew it had to be limited to get an answer, due to just general teenage annoyance at a parent.  So the questions was this: What five things would you say to someone wanting sponsorships?

  1. Shoot good.  (parent adding here)  This means, have a great form, be consistent in your tournaments and show consistent improvement and scores.
  2. State tournaments do not matter, national tournaments only.  (parent adding here) National ranking is important and attending is important.  Yes, state tournaments do matter in building an archer, but sponsor want to see national tournaments too.
  3. Be Nice – (parent adding here) simple enough…not always in frustration.  It takes practice.
  4. Talk to the pros, befriend them, but do not ask about sponsorships.  (parent added here) Relationships are very important.  The pros tied to companies and companies are constantly being hammered about products and sponsorships.  Develop friendly  conversations first.
  5. Reach out by email. (parent adding here) At the beginning of his career, when the archer started to stay consistently in the top 15 in the nation, we were encouraged to start sending emails to introduce the archer and have the resume attached. This was done.

Lastly, start an athlete only page on Facebook.  Keep all social media accounts clean of inappropriate posts.  Sponsors look at the pages.

This is just the start.  The process continues after sponsor are awarded.   Remember, this is just our story.  This is a sensitive subject and there are no promises, not even for this parent’s archer.  One day at a time, one tournament at time, one goal at a time, one year at a time.  Layers and layers go into maintaining and growing in sponsors.


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