Thawack goes the Arrow.

Thwack….Thwack.   There are three sounds that are favorites.  One, the sound of horses eating hay quietly in the early morning or late evenings, the sound of a baseball hitting a glove or bat, and the sound of arrows pounding a target.  The first two go deep into childhood and adulthood, as horses and baseball were huge in my life.  The third came into my life a mere five plus years ago.

Today, was the first time in a couple years that this archery parent pulled a bow back.  Today a group of seven ladies from church came to try archery.  At our local shop with a level 3 JOAD coach and friend, we were lead through the basics.  When she came to me, she just told me to shoot, as she has been a coach in the past.

Thwack.  Thwack.  As the steps of shooting an arrow flowed back into the brain and muscles, the sound of this archery parents arrow hitting the target sounds just a little sweeter than the arrows of others.  Don’t get me wrong, this parent loves to watch the archer compete.  This archery parent loves the sound of the arrows hitting the target.

There were misses.  There were arrows in the target.  There was one 30, 1x end…followed by a 10, 6, and 2.  There was then the recall of the frustration of archery.  The positive, that the arrows were all either at 6 or 12 o’clock on the target…not one was left or right.  This suggests an aiming issue.  Considering it was the first time a bare bow was in the hands of this archery parent in a couple years, happiness was found.

There is now talk of a women’s league starting every two weeks for fun and practice.  It was great to pull the bow back, it was great to hear the thwack of arrows from the bow in the ear.  Hey, parents…pick up a bow and have some fun.


30 – 1 x!



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