Ready, Anchor, Aim and Fire…The Archery Parent and The Bow

Ready, anchor, aim and fire. There are several correct steps to shooting a bow and anchor and aim are in there, but ready and fire…NOPE.   This archery parent has been on a shooting hiatus for about two years.  It was fun until an injury had the bow set aside.

There was a time, that this parent invested some in archery equipment and enjoyed shooting.  This archery parent was not great at it.  It is certainly not a sport that has a growing passion burning inside.  It was more the social aspect and encouragement of the friends and coaches.   Since then, the nice equipment was sold off to fund the archer.  However, the barebow PSE is still in the house.

This week, a group of ladies from our On Target Church gun shooting club,  are going to have a group introduction archery lesson.  There should be around 8 of us that will be learning or re-learning the basics.  In fact, tomorrow afternoon is the day.  Now, there is concern about the ongoing shoulder injury, however, so what.  This parent wants to have some fun.

This archery parent thinks that every parent should take a few lessons to learn the basics.  Having competed in three indoor tournaments while archer shot was enough for the competitions.  Having spent much of my youth playing sports, that turned into years of competitive horse showing and dressage, competition and doing well drove the passion with horses.

Know what it is like standing on that line, the stress, the heart rate increase, the pressure, the other archers, was intense. Having the continued mental status to not only stay strong, but to be able to quickly try to assess mistakes in little time took its toll on the brain.  Especially when the arrow goes from middle ish to, please, stay on the target.  Hard to maintain.

Pick up a bow, learn to understand what is happening with the body, the steps, the form, the mind…it goes on and on.  Most young archers love to have the parent shooting with them.  Archery is a family sport.

Ready, Anchor, Aim and Fire.  Actually here is the correct steps according to USA Archery.

download (17)

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