No One Like an Arrow-gant Archery Parent

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One of the hardest parts of being a parent to the archer, is that archery is not talked about with others. The archer has taught this archery parent about being humble.  As a parent, it is natural to talk about your children.  As an archery parent, it is exciting to talk about your archer.

Very early on, the young boy did not like to talk about archery to others.  Archery certainly wasn’t cool or interesting in the area he grew up in.  That area was those nasty soccer mom types, and this family the country folk outsiders.    Thankfully, we now live in central Oregon and the folk here are like us. This parent learned early on that archery conversations were meant for the family and friends and not the world.  The archer did not like “bragging”.

This archery parent has learned to be humble.  Trying to limit posts and discussion about how the archer is doing. These days, it is not often discussed.  When asked, the individuals will be updated and thanked for asking.  The archer has done well and is doing well.  This parent is grateful for the archery finding his nitch in the world.  This parent is excited about his future as an archer and beyond.   Quietly.

The hard part is finding a balance of graciousness and being excited.  Most people do not want to hear endless stories about your archer.   It is interesting how so many say you must be so proud of how well he does in archery.  This parent is proud of the young man he is becoming.  This parent is proud of the frustration and adversity the archer is working through and learning his on level of being humble.  Shooting well, that is just the cherry on top.

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