When the Banjos Play, or a Archery Traveling Story

Well, it is June. (Deep breath inserted here.)  Guess what?  This is the month that archery travel starts up.  Count down begins to seeing new states, making new friends, and hopefully breaking new records.  This archery parent has learned a few things traveling as a female in unchartered areas.  Only one has had me upset and making better choices for safety.  That story will be saved for now.  This is my banjo story.

Ok, so there was a point last year that Florida, Georgia and Alabama were visited within a total of six weeks…honestly, trying to recall which airport it was.  It was a smaller airport.  One of those great small airports that has rental car agencies by the baggage claim and cars waiting just outside the doors.  My favorite ways to land and leave.

While the archer waited for the bags to arrive, this parent went to get the car from the agent.  We had landed around 6:30 in the evening and still have an hour and 1/2 drive ahead of us.  Driving in the dark is fine, expect when we are in a foreign state.  Now, foriegn is extreme, however there are much different driving styles and roads in every state traveled.  To date – Florida wins the fast cars state, even faster than California drivers.  Sorry Florida, you all need to slow down.

As the keys were handed to over, this question was asked,”What time does it get dark here?”  The answer, “When the banjos start to play.”  That was enough to keep me going straight to the hotel, then accessing if we get food that night.  It was fine, fairly certain this was in Georgia.  Georgia has the best thrift stores and this crafty archery parent visits thrift store in just about every state visited.  And Stone Mountain is amazing, and well worth the hike to the top.

In fact, there was an annoyed archer, because the bow bag need to carry some of the treasures home.   Do you the hear the banjo playing?

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