Learning from a great archery mom.


When the mother of an Olympics medalist talks about being a parent in that sport, one should listen.  Personally, this archery parent has not had the honor of meeting her.  However, this parent certainly admires her dedication required to have a child (man) as talented and successful as her son.

At this point, most of us are aware of the term “helicopter” mom.  Yes, this archery parent is in recovery from being this type of parent.  In 2011, the Dictionary added the term, do to the use of it in our language.  There are several articles on being a helicopter parent, that analyses the causes and types.

When the above photo popped up on my personal Facebook page, this archery parent took the advice to heart.  It came with ideas of improving as a parent that is growing with the archer.  Taking the advice of others that have walked a similar path, can assist in growth.  Her words were important enough to save and share.


Take a minute to read her words.  Honor her time and commitment to her archer.  We can all learn from others.  Time to retire the helicopter and maybe downsize to a drone.

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