Archery and Memorial Day

Archery today is not often thought of in terms of war and freedom, as we observe Memorial Day today.  Archery has become a sport, a game, a getaway, and still, a means to provide food.   However, on this day, that we honor our fallen heroes of centuries past, a bow and arrow took lives of our heroes.

With a quick research search on google, it appears that as late as the 1940’s and Winston Churchill. A bow and arrow were used for defense in war.  Ancient history and the history of Native Americans has a long history with archery. Bows were used as the main way to protect and provide food, prior to the development of guns.

On this day, as we honor those fallen, it is a good time to remember the power of a bow and arrow.  Archery is such a great family sport, but like any weapon, it is to be treated with respect and honor.  Maybe, today, if a bow is shot, take a moment of silence to honor those that have fallen by the power of that bow and the arrow as it whizzes through the air.

Thank you to all that served.  Thank you to all that have fallen and the families that sacrificed a loved one for our freedom to own a bow.  For the freedom to enjoy a sport today, that was once used to protect our families.


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