Cyber Score Watching in Archery –

It is exciting to be sitting in your home and still be able to watch live scoring as events take place.  This year, Gator Cup USAT #2 was removed from the calendar for two reasons.  One, the archer has done well in Indoor Nationals and Arizona Cup USAT #1, leaving Gator Cup not a necessary tournament.  Two, it was finals week at high school.

Yes, this archery parent is very thankful, especially since the last 10 days have been fighting a chest cold…That would have been awful traveling.  The flip side is,  we are missing our friends and watching archery.  Watching the scores live, makes us feel connected to our archery family competing.  In fact, as this is being typed, breaks are being taken to text of friends in Florida competing.

Now, lets address finals.  Last year,  Gator Cup fell during finals week, as well.  However, due to an extremely supportive charter school, finals were allowed to be taken early and a few thing were allowed to be sent in during the tournament via email.  Many of the top youth archers have to move to homeschooling to allow for the travel needed.  This archery parent, has gone the route with both my boys when younger.   This community is beyond blessed to have a charter school in our community.  It is truly exceptional.

At this point, just about every large national and international tournament has live scoring available.  However, it is not always reliable.  It can cause much frustration when not up and running.  However, knowing the elements and issues that can arise at tournaments, internet can go down, scoring pads can stop working, weather can cause interruptions.

This archery parent is thrilled to be watching scores.  Rooting on our friends from a far.  Good Luck to everyone in eliminations tomorrow.  Get to the podium!download  Look forward to seeing many of you in July and August.


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