Loyalty and Archery

Since there was a hot topic on Facebook today, and this parent weighed in for personal reasons, thought it would be good to share how this parent sees it.  Loyalty comes from relationships.  Loyalty comes from working through the good and bad.  Loyalty comes for the heart.

This parent grew up in a corporation that only advertisement was word of mouth.  A corporation where loyalty to employees and dedication to customer service built a corporation, one of the largest family owned companies in the USA.  This was a corporation that was started by my grandfather.  When it comes to business and loyalty, this archery parent feels it goes hand in hand.

This archery family has been blessed with relationships as the archer has come up in the ranks.  When there is a commitment to a sponsor, it is so much more than product.  This archery parent is trying to instill loyalty into the archer.

Archery is a very small world, but growing.  Sponsors and relationships change, however, it is important to maintain relationships.  Archery is also a business, as sometimes companies and archers make decisions that are self-serving.  This is understandable.  This is business.  But, if loyalty benefits business, and business benefits archers, and archers benefit business, then business create loyalty, there is a circle of relationships that keep the train a movin’.

The topic on Facebook today touched the loyalty line with this archery parent because it can directly affect a company, more importantly a group of people who this family calls friends.  As a parent, that has had the benefit of getting to have relationships with businesses that support the archer and the archer that supports the business, loyalty is important.

For this parent, it is personal because they are personal in our lives.  Archery is a very small business.  Archery needs to support our USA based businesses.  Having first hand knowledge of the business world and how international effects families, this archery parent will remain loyal to friends and country, whenever possible.


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