Tomatoes and Blueberries and Archery

Archery is full of fun slang and weird lingo.  Tomatoes and blueberries showed up one day in the archer vocabulary.  It does not matter how long you have been shooting, ever archer has gotten fruit on his arrows.   How is this possible?

Archery lingo.  Every archer striving to hit the gold or yellow in the inner target.  As archers progress the arrows become closer to the center.   There comes a time when the arrow only hits yellow.  However, in every archers life, tomatoes happen.  Or even the dreaded blueberries.

Tomatoes represents the red on the target.  There are times when an archer may say something about getting a little tomato on the arrow.  This basically means, you missed the yellow.  It is not fun to say that an 7 or 8 was scored, tomato just sounds nicer.  Blueberry is the blue on the target.  This is not heard very often, but this archery parents has heard about blueberries being hit with an arrow.

Sometimes a little less tomato on the arrow, is just a good thing.  heart_shaped_tomatoes_6_l1

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