Mental Training in Archery

For this archery parent’s journey, the archer as been had mental training added in at the beginning of his shooting, and now a very important part of training.  As an archery parent, it helped greatly that there were a few tournaments where these feet were on the line competing.   Today, there are several amazing products on the market to help achieve the mental consecutiveness required on the line.



When the archer was, maybe, 11 or 12, the pressure of his drive started to show.  It was a recommendation of his coach and by a family member that connected us with a mental trainer that had great successes in the gun shooting world.  Now, this was not done more for more that a month or two, every couple weeks.  It was a great start to be educated on the needs and tricks many use in the competitive world.

From there, as a parent, there was requests asked of what others were using or reading.  This particular book was very helpful in understanding the mindset of the top athletes and professionals in the day.  The mindset of openness and never failure is a common thread among the top.  It allowed this parent to help in those tough moments and know what was needed to be said or not said.  To understand the thinking and know how to help the mind stay open in defeat and frustration.

One of the best ways to understand what the pressure of the line is like, it shooting on it yourself.  This parent spent a couple of years playing at archery.  Because the archer shoots a compound, a recurve was used.  Not willing to compete with a young teen and hormones.  Personally, there have been three indoor tournaments that were shot.  There is nothing like shooting to understand the mental aspect of competing.  Especially, when by nature you are a competitor.  After, real horse related injury, the bow was put away.

With the recent addition of an amazing coach to the team, a mental training program has become a large part of training.   The archer is using it and following it.  This parent sees it out and open.  There are many products, books and programs that are being introduced in the archery world.  This is exciting.

Mental training is just another layer needed to climb to the top in archery.  This archery parent can only suggest that if frustration is being seen, maybe, just maybe, something out there may help your archery overcome the obstacles of this sport called archery.  Not many sports requires hour upon hour of mental intense focus like archery, mental training can help the stress.

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