T-minis 32 days ’till Salt Lake City Archery World Cup


It has been three glorious weeks of no archery, there are four more weeks until we ramp up to a busy summer of travel.  Thankfully, the first tournament is more for personal reasons.  The archer is not competing but, attending.

This parent’s mom (by law) live in the area.  Having the grandparents attend their very first tournament at Indoor Nationals, this year at the SLC Easton Center. At this point, the parent is not needed much during a tournament, so having family or friends to sit with speeds the tournaments right along.

This trip will have archery and archery commitments, however, this trip will be relaxing and fun.  This trip will include shopping, eating and enjoying family time.  There is bad news…for this travel hater, this is just the first of the summer.

This kicks off a very busy July and August or travel.  This summer brings, Youth World Trials, JOAD National, So Cal Shootout and college visiting while in So Cal.  The first two we fly to, So Cal, we drive the 17 hours one way and back.  Thankfully, there will be rotations in driving which well help, some.  Still stressful having a teenager drive.

With a month to go, the plane tickets are checked. This parent has made expensive mistakes and trying not to repeat the mistakes.  The plane tickets have been checked at an almost OCD level.  The room is booked, the rental car is booked, the tournament is booked.  Next will be in about two weeks, the weather added to the cell phone to start monitoring the weather.  This will help prepare for ensuring all his needed.

About a week out…well, this page may be a therapy session for this parent.  T-minus 32 days until departure. Still breathing.

2 thoughts on “T-minis 32 days ’till Salt Lake City Archery World Cup

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  1. SLC is going to be a very exciting time for this Father. I am going to get to watch my son, who has been on Team USA for four years, compete Outdoors for the first time. As a working parent it is impossible and expensive to travel around the world to watch. At last a World Cup in the USA. Can’t wait.

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    1. How exciting. I missed my boys first one in nimes this year. Are you Steve’s dad? Just wondering with the last name. We will see you there. I will be volunteering at hospitality and my young one will be running score cards. Go team Anderson!


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