Knowing the Rules of Archery


download (14)Most parents, today, know the basic rules of sports played.  We can watch a team sport and understand it.  Mainly, this parent believes, is because these are the games that we all play in school or during P.E.  Most parents can attend their children’s game and know how it is played, scored and how to watch.  Archery, is like no other sport.

Archery is a very broad term for several “games” played under that umbrella.  Each tournament as the same basic rules, but most of the differences in everything from the number of arrows shot to scoring.  Each game of archery requires different skill sets and sometimes changing of accessories on the bow.  For some, even completely different bows are used.

When the archer was about to attend his first state tournament less than a year into shooting, his JOAD coach ensured he understood how it was played at an indoor tournament.  However, she said to him and this parent, read the rule book.  She insisted that we walked in with the basic knowledge.

It was important to the archer to show up early due to unassigned target spots.  So we always arrived a couple hours prior.  Most tournaments today, know assign the target and placement of the target on the bale.  THANK GOD!. Nothing like sitting in the cold and dark in the wee morning hours.

It was also important to know that once you placed that target, it was the archers spot the complete weekend.  Ensuring that we knew the rules, we were quickly able to correct a parent deciding the second day into the tournament, that her archer should have that spot.

It was a quick conversation with her and then she went to the judge…sadly, she was not very kind about it and made a snotty comment.  But whatever.  Know the rules, this will ensure that everything goes well.   Every association has rules on their webpage and if not, then request a copy.

It is not necessary to learn every single rule in those books.  Know the basics.  Know if there is target moving within tournament.   Even after five years of tournaments, this parent still is learning some of the minor rules.  At this point, the archer knows them.  The archer knows more about archery, but he does not know about being an archery parent.  Not an easy job, but rewarding.

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