How to react when your archer is being scolded by a judge.

Now, this is an interesting topic.  It is a situation that can take you from archery parent to parent faster than a speeding bullet.  Feel your heart pounding…taking a deep breath and watching.  First, it was to have been witnessed personally.  You know those situations that get your hair on the back of your neck standing at attention.

Ah…they are called learning moments.  Wisdom building situations. Or it can spin the wrong way if we are not careful. This is not football, soccer or baseball where you can yell at the umpire or referee.  In fact, as a parent, only the archery is supposed to speak to the judges at tournaments.  Now with the young ones, the parent or coach is needed to help the archer.

Rarely in the archery world, to date, this parent has not witnessed an unjustified correction.  This parent can say a few judges can use a lesson in respect and common decency.   These are deep breathing moments.  There are moments to step in and assist.   And as a parent of a minor, you have that right.  It is like using your get out of jail free card.  Those are few and rare, use them wisely.

There as only been a few times that as a parent that speaking to a judge was needed.  This parent has even gone at the request of other parents, as a USA Archery Level 2 “coach”.  Honestly, level 2 is no big deal.  Not like there are super powers that come with it, maybe just more knowledge than some parents newer to the sport.

If your archer is being scolded or corrected by a judge, not a lot to do.  There have been two situations where it was required to explain to the archer, that the judge was correct.  However, the way it was addressed was harsh or rude.  However, it is with the utmost respect that an archer is to treat the judge.  These judges work hard and some are cranky…some are amazing.  Most are fair.  Some have really upset this parent, but the situations was left alone.

There will be more harsh eyes are as archer climbs the ladder and makes the race to the top.  There will be more judging.  There will be more responsibility.  However, this parent believes that it could be an amazing opportunity to make a living or some money pursing a dream or passion.  Archery has more to offer today to the youth and adults than ever before.  Let the judges, judge.  There are times to protest…without a doubt.  Mistakes are made and can cost a pro archer money, but those are left for the big mistakes.

download (13)

No yelling at the judges!  But, boy would it make archery more intense.  LOL.

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