Your Know You’re an Archery Parent When…


So, this parent has a large bag in the office that has been holding miscellaneous archery items from around the house and tournaments.  This past weekend, organizing the office, the bag was front and center.   There was a time, that archery equipment was all over the house.  But, once the oldest moved out, the archer took over the spare room that is now similar to a bow shop with bows and parts.  However, it looks more like a tornado organized it, or my archery.


Unzipped the bag…

20170515_180038 (1).jpg

Looks semi organized…



The bag was dumped onto the carpet.  Behold!

The only thing that is not archery related is a pattern to make robes, somehow that is in the wrong bag of tricks.  This bag represents years of bows, tournaments, and money.  There was a time that as a USA archery level 2 coach, at tournaments, this parent collected freebies to bring back to the kiddos in the JOAD program we started here with another coach.

On a side note, this archery family is now sponsoring or offering sponsorships at the two new JOAD programs in our state. This parents is not hands on anymore.  However, giving back to the program that has help the archer develop is worth giving to.

This bag represents friendships and sponsors.  This bag represents a lot of great memories.  SO, this parent asks you…what is in your archery bag or box or drawer.  It is moments like this that one knows, archery is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle.

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