Archery Parent vs. Football Parent

Happy Mother’s day.  Yesterday, was a lovely quiet Mother’s Day.  In the past couple weeks, this parent was a full-time mom for the past 20 plus years, to a part-time mom.  The youngest, the archer, just got his driver’s license and the daily trip to and from school everyday just ended.  The winter indoor season of an additional two to three hours in town while training, is over.  This year, with the addition of a bow press (much-needed, and yes, the archery is very capable to do all archery work) ended the arrow tuning and bow adjustment trips to town.  With all that said, yesterday was a lovely quiet day from looking through items from my boys the past years.  This archery parent came across the oldest football photos and that was a football mom.

This parent, is very happy the intense football and travel baseball days are over.  The youngest, the archer, also played football and baseball during the same years.  Extremely busy full-time mom.  That mom, was a kinda nuts.  Football and baseball require more push and adrenaline.  No way around it, those two sports are all about adrenaline. While archery requires the exact opposite mindset for the archer and the parent.

images (9)images (10)


Now, for this sports parent, raised in a sports family, playing team sports for years of my youth, this parent was a great baseball type mom.  Football, it was too intense for my wee lil’ heart and the football mom was crazy.  Lets not dwell on the past now, archery parent will share those stories someday, maybe.  That time is not a part of this parent’s parenting that holds great memories.  Archery mom…you are supposed to just sit quietly and watch.  Like, no movement or talking is best.  Wait What?

Gentleman’s sport. Think golf.  Turn on a game on tv one day and watch the endless hush, of well, golf.  Golf on the weekends in my childhood home meant, Dad was going to take a nap…sshh.  Archery is similar, but still different in the atmosphere.  However, if we go in with the mindset of zen or golf…we just might have a chance at keeping the heart rate just above normal level.

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