What is Target “Stalking” in Archery

download (12)Ever heard of a target stalker?  Target stalking is pay attention to other targets and not just your archer’s target.  Or when an archer is walking over to another target during the scoring to see how the competition is shooting.  When this parent first started, it was intense watching the target.

This parent did not spend much time watching other archers targets until a few years ago when elimination rounds where part of every tournament and podium.  This is the only time that much time is spent watching another archers target.  One on ones are pressure cookers and really exciting when you have an archer competing in eliminations.

The first day or two of most tournaments are qualifications.  Watching the target his tedious arrow after arrow.  Some parents enjoy watching.  In order to really see the arrow a spotting scope is required.  This parent isn’t willing to spend the money.  We have only invested in great binoculars for the archer.  It is exciting to finally have a good hand me down pair, as an upgrade was purchased this year.  This is an essential piece of equipment for the archer, not the parent.

Just a word on parent target stalkers…really kinda silly.  Yes, we all want our archer to be on top, but to focus on another archer takes away from the time with your own child.   At the end of the day, scores are the scores.  Once that arrow is released there is no changing it.  Now, when it is eliminations and finals…all bets are off.  We are all stalkers.

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