How to care for “The Sponsors”


As the past two years have clicked away, this parent is pleased and thankful to say that the archer is fully sponsored.  Being sponsored at the top level comes with obligations to the archer.  Many archers forget that they are the sponsors.  Sponsors give up profit and bottom line to give or discount products used by archers.  It is important to care for sponsors that assist the climb in archery to the top.

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It is possible that this parent has a different view, due to growing up in a large family owned business that never advertised, only used word of mouth.  It was always about caring for those that put food on the table, the customer.  The company, in return, gave to the employees. This created an amazing company, that is getting close to the 100 years in business.  There comes a great deal of responsibility representing a business name.

Today, let us focus on what this parent believes and has insisted on by the archer in caring for the sponsors.  When the archer received his first full pro sponsorship with an amazing company, this parent insisted on teaching him his part with sponsors.   First, was gratitude.  It was expected to be thankful and kind no matter what.  Next, was time.  The archer was requested to help set up and tear down the booth at tournaments.  Yes, this meant adding a day before or after on certain tournaments to ensure he was there helping.  Time during tournaments was to be given as well.  Third, appreciation.  Now, third was more developed by the archers coach.  At the end of each day or tournament, the archer visits any sponsor at the venue, talked about the day and thanked them.  Thank you, coach!

Let this parent say…the archer is not perfect.  In fact, a bit of a rascal.  This giving back has not always been easy to encourage.   Just sometimes a “do I really have to?”, teenage moment.  This parent would help if there seem to be a need.  Even, just stopping in and saying hi.  Offering to help, even grab a drink or food, if they are stuck all day at a long big event.

Now, this archery parent is also into crafts and giving.  Around the end of the season each year, there are gifts to be made or purchased.  Most are handmade, due to limited funds.  However, the have always been appreciated.  In addition to gratitude, the archer in your life has now shown his name again, just has a reminder.  Wink.  So, it is a lovely two sided coin.  Heads or tails, you win.

This parent and family has been blessed to develop friendships with sponsors, not because, we want more from them.  Simply because friendship and relationships are what make some tournaments as family reunions and not dreaded events.  Go find you archery family!

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